Portrait Photography Tips

Apart from the fact that portrait photography is an aspect of photography that requires a lot of expertise and a whole lot of experience per time. You also need to be intimate with some facts, tricks, and an obvious way to cut out mistakes and excesses. If you own a photo studio Singapore or you want to visit a photo studio rental in Singapore, there are portrait photographs tips you can try out next time you visit one.


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These tips boil down on how well you can manage your camera in order to optimize and get better photograph rendering.

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Meanwhile, to sort out-tasking issues that emanate from taking portrait photographs, some photographers have been able to upgrade their camera such that they can access and confidently control the surrounding elements when taking either a family portrait or a friend’s portrait. One major problem associated with portrait photograph is getting a good shot in a few attempts.



Many will go on and on taking the shot but will yet end up with little or no good portraits. This is why the following tips will engage you to make appropriate applications and changes that will make portrait photography easier for you.



Know When to use Exposure CompensationĀ 

When taking portrait photographs, it is expedient that you pay cognizance to the skin tone of the model. Perhaps the model is dark in complexion or light. In some cases, the light skin tone can be a bit more complicated such that the camera can be forced to underexpose the shot taken.


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Most times when such happen, it is due to the exposure rate. It even happens more when a full-faced photograph is being taken or peradventure when the scene is whitish. Take, for example, the bridal group with the flowing white gown.

However, this can be seen by adjusting the exposure rate of the camera.



Always check the apertureĀ 


Portrait photographs require fast lenses; this is the most ideal thing to do. Although the differences between the aperture f-stop numbers may seem little it is a very important factor that affects portrait photographs. It is said that a wider aperture creates a bokeh effect such that it blurs the background effectively with glitches.


Therefore, considering the effects of a wider aperture on a portrait photograph, it is best advised to use a wider aperture often when shooting portrait photographs. This also enhances you such that you can capture a shallow depth of field which eventually blurs the background so that your model can come out well.


Shutter speed settingsĀ 


Always endeavour to make sure the shutter speed of your camera is higher than the effective focal length. This is a general rule for every successful portrait photograph. Although most camera can perform this function if yours can then maximize the functionality. In doing this, you will be able to while the camera is handheld even at lower shutter speed. Eventually, you will generate sharp portrait shots.


Hopefully, this tips will make things easier for you as a portrait photographer. O3 Ozone Production provides the best photo studio singapore. Book us today! Click here