Tips On How to Convert Portraits into Black and White.

The modern technology has affected photography to be more effective and efficient than the previous editions. One thing that cannot be overemphasized; the beauty of a monochrome photograph. Before the advent of digital photography, the choice of pioneer photographers has always been the black and white monochrome photograph. For many, this is their choice even before the shot is been taken.


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However, things have changed in the modern days we are. The choice of a monochromatic white and black photograph now comes in handy mainly in the post-production stages, the stage at which the photographs taken is being compiled from the camera.

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Although we have gone past the days of manual white and a black camera that takes the monochromatic form right from the pre-production stages, there are ways you can make a white and black photograph without any glitch.


White Balance 

Basically, the function of white balance in producing a lethal monochrome photograph is essential and cannot be overlooked. The white balance acts as one of the most vital steps in ascertaining a workflow. This is because white balance enables substantial and accurate tone separation.

White and balance come in as an effective tool to create a stunning monochromatic photograph from an existing coloured portrait.


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White balance logic:

  1. Locate a daring spot on the photograph you intend to change to black and white. Perhaps you couldn’t find a clear white tone, check for a one that is close to white.
  2. ‎ To even out the balance using the eyedropper from the tool docker on the window to click on the white ambient point on the photograph.


When you do this the tones will tend to supercede each other, not until the tones do not overlay you have not achieved the perfect white balance yet.


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Avoid Auto Mixtures l Photography Studio Rental Singapore

When editing using the various software in other to enhance your photographs to a monochrome. You have to avoid this bait. It looks good and easier but it’s not good in all cases. Peradventure after balancing the temperature of the photographs (i.e to balance the white variation to look real enough), the better thing should be to convert to white and black straight up.


And the warning remains that you do not set it to a auto is the fact that every photograph has a distinctive balance to make it look good, putting it in auto will mean that the present is valid for all photo editing. Therefore, change all preset values to zero in order to enjoy maximum quality.



Take cognizance of the skin type 

Another thing to put in mind is the variation in human skin ranging from race to race. This has to be considered when editing too. Always be aware of this fact before laying hands to edit. An expertise in this aspect will make your monochrome photograph a classic one.


Taking note of the above-listed tips will help you greatly when next you want to convert your colour photograph to monochrome.


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