Tips for Shooting Studio Portraits 


In recent years, photography has evolved beyond the static ways of processing. It has magnified to a bigger venture where different styles are conjured. In view of this, there is the variant of ways to come about a photograph. This includes studio work which is almost a direct opposite to a shooting done in a specific location. The difference remains that location portraits mainly focuses on the single person posing in front of the lens.


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In this, the surrounding elements serve as the complementing factor to the subject matter while studio work may be a little task loaded considering the lighting issue most photographers often encounter. All this can be reduced by having an adequate trick to make the shooting process less tasking.


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The following are tips that will make your next studio portrait easier than before. These include:

  1. Position well

In studio portraits, as long as you have your model in sight with your camera directed in front. The only shift in the position you can make is to shift whether to the front or backward. One the focus is locked, it will be difficult and unprofessional to shift to the left or right unless the model also changes position. This is very important in order to achieve a perfect touch.


  1. Use the clock initiative

Don’t get confused, you might wonder why you need the clock for the studio portrait. It is definitely not for time but for the model’s positioning. Oftentimes, it can be so confusing when you give the change of direction orders and there the model does not understand quickly maybe to the right or left, maybe to adjust the face upward or downward. But using the clock’s initiative, you can make things easier for you and the model.


  1. Ascertain your stand and position.

While the clock’s initiative of clockwise and anti-clockwise can help to a very good extent. However, it could get really frustrating when you have a not too professional model as your subject. Therefore, you need to ascertain who is on the right or left so that when you order for a left shift the model won’t adjust to the right. This is very pivotal to having a peaceful and stress-free studio portrait shoot.


  1. Be at the right height

To get the best out of studio portrait, there is a need to know and maintain your perfect height. When you combine your height with the distance between you and the model then you can be assured of a perfect height combination. While most portraits are taken at eye level it is only achieved with a mastermind height calculation between the photographer and the model.

In some cases, you might need to bend a little or stretch a bit. If this is missing, then the portrait’s perspective can be ruined.



  1. Focus more on the eyes

The eye defines a model and a good focus on the dress brings out the dazzling beauty in a portrait picture. More so, irrespective of the aperture quality and other accessories. The main thing in a portrait is the eyes, that is what tells the story. If this is missing, then you have no portrait photograph.


Although studio portraits have a lot of complexities attached when it is a perfect shot, it brings an aura of fulfilment. The tips above will give you better insight on how to go about it.


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