4 Ways to Improve Your Group Photographs 


Capturing moments in life is essential especially when you happen to be a photographer. Life always seems to be a playing picture of life’s moments both the happy times, sad times, angry times and other emotional moments. To this end, we have all engaged in one or two group photographs at some point in our life probably during a vacation with family members or perhaps a sponsored trip etc.


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These moments are highly defined by the ruling emotions. While the display is indistinct in front of the lens, the photographer at the back of the lens also has a lot to do. To arrange a bunch of people for a group photograph may not seem to be an issue but the professional edge will come in when the photograph output is done. Right from the lenses to the very minor details of the group photograph, the photographer is responsible for every single shot.


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The following tips will enhance your group photograph skills.


  1. Use Wide-Angle lenses.

To capture exceptionally in group photographs, it is best advised to make use of wide angled lenses. This makes your group photographs more successful and easier than you can imagine. To a very good end, wide-angle lenses are easier to use and can save you a lot of stress.

The only exception to wide-angle lenses is to avoid moving too close to the subject matter. Doing this will make your group models appear funny on your screen.

To a greater extent, wide-angle lenses are best for group photography. Although they also exhibit a high defining aperture. It is most likely non-effective for a group photograph.

However, in order to achieve maximum result for group photograph endeavour to use a wide-angle lens.



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  1. Look for a suitable location.

As regards group photographs, the location is also a vital factor to consider in order to achieve the best photograph output. Irrespective of the location you aim to shoot your group photograph, there will always be a more befitting shooting site. In this pay close attention to the natural lighting of the surrounding, this is mostly determined by the hour of the day. So, pay rapt attention to the shooting hour too. More so, always keep things cool and inviting, it’s a group picture after all.

  1. Expression is key

In group photographs, the expression on the group members is key to achieving a lively group photograph. In cases where the group members are stagnant, sturdy and frowning, there is a great tendency that the output won’t be worthwhile. Group photographs have to be energetic and lively. More appropriately, nice and decent gestures can even be included to make up a sparking group photograph. However, in cases where the subject is not yielding, be free to ask them to adjust and get creative.

  1. Use a Tripod stand

Using a tripod stand for group photographs is one of the most interesting parts of a group photograph. This is because tripods make it easier to involve and try out different styles of which group photograph is not an exception. The effectiveness of tripod engages all your shots in a consistent framing which makes your photographs more mature and appealing.


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